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Lisa Waegerle

Lisa Waegerle Photo of Lisa Waegerle

(+49)231 755-7997


Room 423


Curriculum Vitae

Since 08/2013 PhD student in the junior research group: „City as a healthy place of living regardless of social inequality” at the TU Dortmund, funded by the Fritz und Hildegard Berg-Stiftung

10/2005 - 10/2012 Political Science (B.A.), Sociology and Sustainable Economics (M.A.) at the University of Kassel and the Universidad de Concepción, Chile (2007-2008 and 2009-2010)

2011 and 2012 Research stays in Nicaragua

12/2012 - 07/2013 Research assistant at the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf in the Center for Training and Skills Development (ZWEK)

12/2008 - 11/2012 Student assistant at the University of Kassel in KLIMZUG (network for climate adaptation in the model region of northern Hesse) in the research project PARG (Participation, Acceptance, Regional Governance) and in the Department of Environmental Politics, Dept. of Social Sciences


PhD Thesis

This PhD thesis focuses on the experiences of cities regarding the reduction of social inequalities in environmental and health issues. In this context, the aim is to analyse the relevance of autonomously created spaces of participation and their possibilities to influence urban development and the public health area to reduce social, environmental and health inequalities. The case studies should be examined to be found in countries of the Global South as well. In a further step, the results of these case studies should be reflected regarding the German urban planning system in order to gain new insights for the future.



  • Waegerle, Lisa (11/2013): Der Blick über den Tellerrand: Lernen von Governance-Strukturen in Ländern des Globalen Südens. Vortrag bei der Konferenz „Stadtwandel als Chance“ am 2013-11-28 in Wuppertal